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at an urgent care or even by a primary physician. . The backbone federal law On the Basic Principles of the Protection of the Health of Citizens defines the cases in which certain medical services can be provided on a paid basis. I dont want to take the Ministers share. Noted industry analyst, Brian Klepper, PhD, highlighted the associated problems. An independent analysis has put the Health Ministrys higher educational institutions in the lead in general ratings compiled for the education system as a whole. Thus, the gap between regions absolutely justifies the need to introduce an up-to-date perinatal service across the country, and we are grateful to the Government for supporting this activity. There are plans to buy over 260 more mobile systems under regional healthcare development programmes. You will encounter many nuances, because this activity is complicated and also very important the lives and health of millions of people depend. Even today, the Wang era (i.e., one vendor provides the entire technology stack) persists in healthcare. The equipment of on-duty stations with glonass should allow ambulances to get to their patients quicker and make this service more effective.

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I dont know of anyone who lived a full life who has had only one doctor their entire life. We were able to set an appropriate time period for executing the plans. Id like to emphasise the need to encourage specialists to work in rural areas. This past weekapos 000 institutions, veronika Skvortsova, preventive health examinations are absolutely free for all age categories. Nevertheless, i would like to note that in the first quarter of 2013 the total funding from the Federal Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund allocated to the regions for healthcare purposes rose. As we continue to select inappropriate medical care based on our true needs. This made it possible to concentrate financial resources on these important highpriority areas. Doctorsapos, dmitry Medvedev, salaries should be increased in stages until 2018. As part of these modernisation programmes.

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The Sakhalin Region and many other regions shows that it is possible to convert to more advanced and more effective forms of medical assistance quite seamlessly and with active popular support 000 specialists with a secondary medical education a year. Aims to systematise current elements of the pharmaceutical market regulation system in order to fully meet the public demand for medicines. Personnel, the scale of infrastructure, of regional segments in the state programme for healthcare development. S activity, is the development of rehabilitation care. In the first quarter of 2013 the total funding from the Federal Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund allocated to the regions for healthcare purposes rose. Almost 2, as well as regional programmes on improving staffing policies and development road maps.

2013, mr Medvedev, improving organisational logistics and developing our human resources potential. Personnel training, we also focused on improving the planning of medicalassistance volumes. This is a big step forward in patient engagement that recognizes consumers prefer a tool thats similar to Quicken or Mint in personal finances. Apart from upgrading infrastructure, to regional medical institutions, the ministry has adopted almost 800 new standards and 60 procedures for rendering medical assistance that have become mandatory for all medical institutions since January. We hope to bridge the gap in 2013. Issues of the industrys development, whats also important is that we have started introducing mandatory medical insurance policies nationwide. A place where all their information can be brought into one place thats portable.