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dependent. Free radicals are known to contribute to various forms of brain damage, therefore reducing the quantity could improve mental performance. Healthy neurotransmitter function can improve neuronal health and mitigate neurotransmitter deficits resulting from neurodegeneration. Furthermore, nootropics affect neurotransmitter systems in the brain, in particular: monoaminergic (increase the content of dopamine and norepinephrine, and serotonin in the brain cholinergic (increase the content of acetylcholine in the nerve endings, which is necessary for the adequate transmission of impulses from one cell. Some studies have shown that it is capable of inhibiting oxidative stress as a result of reactive oxygen species. It has been shown to offer neuroprotective benefit in mouse models of neurodegenerative disorders such as: Huntingtons, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers. Curcumin : Although some argue that curcumin is regarded as having poor bioavailability when taking orally, it is known to have many neuroprotective benefits. They can help decrease neurotoxicity as a result of glutamate and prevent neuronal death. For this reason, they are often utilized to improve function following a traumatic brain injury. It is proved that stress is not harmless to the human body. Stroke victims : Most studies in support of neuroprotective substances are in regards to repairing neurological function after an ischemic stroke. It is believed to act as an antioxidant, reducing the amount of oxidative stress within the brain. Therefore shoveling down the entire laundry list of neuroprotective drugs and supplements listed above may lead to more unwanted side effects than therapeutic ones. It is believed that this herb may help prevent cognitive decline associated with Alzheimers disease. He has published more than two hundred research articles in the recent fifteen years. Even 50 years ago the concept of neuroprotective agents appeared. Its mechanism of action involves blocking voltage-sensitive sodium channels in the brain, which decreases levels of calcium ions thus likely minimizing oxidative damage. Abstract, over activation of inflammatory cytokine and dysfunction of neurotrophic system have been associated with the progression of heroin dependence. Administration of a neuroprotective agent may help minimize the effects of chronic conditions that could: kill brain cells, decrease brain volume, and lead to long-term functional impairment. 2003 to 2009, he was the director of the Institute of Behavioral Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan. Certain substances like Selegiline have been shown to significantly delay onset of neurodegeneration and are frequently prescribed. Significantly increased bdnf level was only detected in patients received DM compared to the placebo group. In upcoming years with advances in technology and medicine, it is hoped neuroprotective that more effective neuroprotective agents are discovered to possibly decrease or reverse neurodegeneration in the human brain. Source:.gov/pubmed/17239606 Source:.gov/pubmed/19895780 Nicotine : In both human and monkey studies, nicotine has been shown to delay the onset of Parkinsons disease. Source:.gov/pubmed/22700087, source:.gov/pubmed/19808086. Source:.gov/pubmed/16166580 Benefits of Neuroprotective Agents There are many benefits that can be obtained from the usage of neuroprotective agents. Some studies have discovered that lithium acts as a neuroprotective agent, decreases inflammation, improves mitochondrial function, and promotes neurogenesis among cases of traumatic brain injuries. It is known to increase blood-flow to the brain and is believed to elicit neuroprotective effects. For this reason, many people have turned to neuroprotective agents in hopes that they will neuroprotective help preserve long-term mental health. Also understand that although certain neuroprotective drugs may help preserve brain health, they do not come without risk of long-term effects.

Always double check with a professional before assuming that your specific condition warrants a particular drug for neuroprotection. Viralrelated neurodegeneration, the substance demonstrated an ability to pervent excitotoxicity as well as reduce oxidative stress markers throughout the brain and spinal fluid. Govpubmed15935070, sinus toothache home remedies speaker Presentations, he works in the developmental navel treatment model. Source, in this decade, significantly inhibition of tolerance to methadone was found in both in patients received memantineDM compared to the placebo group. Citicoline cdpcholine, many cases of individuals diagnosed with viral infections such as hivaids tend to experience neurodegeneration and neurological deficits. PPTs, they help improve signaling between neurons and healthy functioning can help prevent certain aspects of neurodegeneration. Or know anyone that is, after treatment, source. The true neuroprotective aspects of this particular substance are speculative and scientific research is needed to verify any touted benefit. Those that suffer from traumatic brain injuries and strokes are thought to benefit from supplementation of progesterone.

Neuroprotective drugs

IGF1, which can be helpful following a stroke. This is a substance that has been studied in humans. Reducing neurotoxicity, govpubmed23121080 Source, and comprises the color saffron, this herb has a variety of medicinal proeprties and is hypothesized to have drugs neuroprotective effects. Although abnormally high levels of Vitamin E are thought to produce detrimental health effects.

According to the World's health organization, nootropic drugs are substances which provide an activating effect on learning abilities of the human mind, improve alertness and memory, increase resistance of the brain to such aggressive factors, as injuries, intoxication, hypoxia.Source:.gov/pubmed/11259643 Estrogen : 17-beta estradiol is known to act as an antioxidant with neuroprotective effects.Source:.gov/pubmed/16762377, source:.gov/pubmed/19714494, acetylcysteine : This is both a supplement and pharmaceutical drug that is utilized mostly to decrease mucus build-up, but is also sometimes used for overdose of acetaminophen.

It may also help to minimize symptoms of schizophrenia and decrease inflammation. Inflammation, when the brain is exposed to high levels of oxidative stress. It provides benefit by acting as an antioxidant.