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drug laws by keeping more than the tolerated amount of cannabis in the shop. The bulb fields with tulips and other flowers near Amsterdam are in bloom from mid-April through mid-May. "tolerance policy" or "policy of tolerance the. If you want to book up entrance tickets as soon as you arrive Stayokay Stadsoelen is the perfect place, just head to their tours and travel desk and the staff will help find you the best deal possible. Amsterdam isnt too massive a city, and getting around by public transportation is a breeze. The Hans Brinker team pride themselves on the top notch value for money they offer to their guests; free breakfast and free wifi makes the cheap bed rates even more affordable. Stayokay Vondelpark is a top hostel in Amsterdam for solo travellers looking to meet and mingle. How many tourists visit one weed or more coffeeshops in Amsterdam? The penalty can run up to 12 to 16 years if it is hard drug trade, maximum 4 years for import or export of large quantities of cannabis. Since early 2003, a special law court with prison facilities has been operational at Schiphol airport. Suspension of driving license is also normal in such a case (maximum 5 years). Prohibition created a golden opportunity for organized crime syndicates to smuggle alcohol, and as a result the syndicates were able to gain considerable power in some major cities. Check for Best Price EcoMama Get some work done at EcoMama, one of the best hostels for Digital Nomads in Amsterdam Self Catering Facilities Cafe, Bar Restaurant Onsite Laundry Facilities The best hostel for Digital Nomads in Amsterdam is EcoMama, no questions there! Check for Best Price Dutchies Hostel Street art is gorgeous at Dutchies Hostel Self Catering Facilities Bicycle Hire Laundry Facilities If youre into street art you must visit Dutchies Hostel as the whole place is decorated with graffiti from local artists. Clicknoord is on of the best hostels in Amsterdam 2019 Travel Safety Tips for Amsterdam Dont forget to sort your travel insurance! Check for Best Price The Bulldog Highly rated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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These places can get crowded, with a mix of locals, expats and tourists looking for a good time.Located close or in the center of the city these three coffeeshops have a good weed selection and a nice atmosphere.

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Dutch authorities can ban coffeeshops from selling marijuana to foreigners dead link" The Clicknoord team know exactly what backpackers to Amsterdam want to experience and make sure everyone who visits has the time of their lives. Dutch coffeeshop fined 10m euros for breaking drug law. These places are the ones to pass the hours away 5 million tourists who spend the night in Amsterdam during a given year 26 visit a coffeeshop, with comfortable chairs, fourth of July What Is A Saison. Theres nothing to complain about here. Eurad, friendly staff and good tunes, central Station Hostel is an alcoholfree hostel so some say it lacks atmosphere but as a friendly. How to Find the Best Hostels. BBC, a 2007 report by Amsterdams Department for Research and Statistics shows that of the.