Drug, estimated Cash, price.We invest relentlessly in product development, in both differentiated niche products and standard commodity products.Cost is mainly a purely objective term, often used in financial calculations: The cost of building a new annex was estimated at 10,000.

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Having shed the extra Old French and Middle English senses, the word now again has the base sense of the Latin original.Benson They counted the price of them, and found it to be fifty thousand pieces of silver.Price, charge, cost, expense refer to outlay or expenditure required in buying or maintaining something.

from Old French pris " price, value, wages, reward also "honor, fame, praise, prize" (Modern French prix from Late Latin precium, from Latin pretium "reward, prize, value, worth from PIE *pret-yo-, from root *per- (5) "to traffic in, to sell" (cf.Thousands of deals made every day.We'll refund you 100 of the difference.