To cause to fall from a height, especially by shooting: Antiaircraft guns downed ten bombers.1933, Arthur Bryant,"ng Samuel Pepys ( 1664, February 2nd Samuel Pepys: The Man in the Making, New York: Macmillan, oclc, page 215:.that is, that the trade of the world is too little for us two, therefore one must down.Translations edit Verb edit down ( third-person singular simple present downs, present participle downing, simple past and past participle downed ) ( transitive ) To cover, ornament, line, or stuff with down.

Towards a worse and worse state.He is down with the flu.

There are three soldiers down and one walking wounded.To go downtown; I was down town yesterday.Origin of down ; Middle English doune, Old English dne, aphetic variant of adne for of dne off (the) hill; see a-2, down3 Related formsundowned, adjective down 2 doun noun the soft, first plumage of many young birds.