With a simple yet stylish powerful interface, this professional photographic camera includes a large variety of photo effects in fast real-time such as lomo and vintage, including several types of the lens such as fisheye, wide angle, and much more.Lomography and hipster photography fans will also be pleased with the emulated effects of some classic cameras including 16mm and super-8 styles that you will find easily in the included filter packs.For HDR fans produce the most beautiful images with the faux HDR tone mapping filters.

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In total over 300 customizable live filters, and over 20 frames.Also, you can create little planet photos with the stereographic filters, or use the dedicated Little Planet mode.Enjoy video recording with live filters, including slow and fast motion video recording, pause and resume, and even drawing in real time while recording.

(Note that video requires Jelly Bean.3 or higher).You can use this Android Apps To Click Photos Professionally.A GIF recorder is also included which similar to the video can be used with all the available filters, allowing even to change the recording speed to produce funny animations or even record in reverse mode.