"Melatonin as add-on treatment for epilepsy".Dont stop taking your medications, but do talk to your doctor before becoming pregnant or as soon as you learn you are pregnant.136 The ancient Greeks had contradictory views of the disease.

Tonic-clonic) and in the underlying disease being identified (e.g.Mula M, Sander JW (August 2013).18 In the developed world epilepsy most commonly starts either in the young or in the old.

In the general population, theres a 1 percent chance of developing epilepsy before 20 years of age.4 Epilepsy can often be confirmed with an electroencephalogram (EEG but a normal test does not rule out the condition.23 24 Seizures Main article: Epileptic seizure The most common type (60) of seizures are convulsive.