Should I Eat The Seeds Ground or Whole?There is a selection of flaxseed products available for purchase online.Also, there is inconsistent evidence regarding the effects of dietary flaxseed on breast cancer development.

However, research on the effects of flaxseed oil on constipation and diarrhea is currently limited to animal studies and studies on people with specific conditions.Population research suggests that dietary intake of lignans, which are found in flaxseed and other foods, does not reduce the risk of heart disease.Flaxseed seems to work best in people who are moderately overweight or obese before treatment.

One benefit is that it makes you feel full, so you are less likely to overeat.Get creative with flaxseed meal : Flaxseed meal is an excellent addition to smoothies or for sprinkling on foods that have a higher glycemic index,.g.A recent animal study showed that flaxseed oil acted as a laxative to promote regularity, all while acting as an antidiarrheal agent.