The act of deep relaxation, without trying to "solve" anything, is so rare in daily life that it can put problems and worries in perspective all by itself.Feel the muscles lighten and loosen in your feet, as if they require no effort to maintain." 5 Encourage them to feel more relaxed.Get Started Join The Conversation Facebook Pinterest.

Tell them that they will come back to full awareness, alert and awake, after you count to five.We mentioned true self hypnosis, because technically speaking, listening to our hypnosis CD's or MP3s also counts as self hypnosis, since a hypnotherapist is not there in the room with you.Keep this tone of voice throughout the entire interaction.

To lose the weight and not gain it back, that's like magic.They are carefully scripted by our team of writers, who are leading hypnotherapy educators with over 75 years of experience.