Lower sth figurative (diminish, lessen) ridurre, abbassare vtr You should lower your expectations, based on your lack of success so far.Lower sth figurative (emotional tone) abbassare, ridurre vtr You should lower the emotional level in this piece of writing.

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Puoi abbassare il tono allentando le corde della chitarra.Lower in status (make less prestigious) abbassare di rango vtr lower intermediate, lower-intermediate (level, degree: medium to low) medio basso agg Nota : hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun lower limit (minimum) limite inferiore nm lower lip (lower external part.

A dark or stormy appearance: the lower of thunderheads.Lower Geology Archaeology Relating to or being an earlier or older division of the period named.Lowercase sth (US lower-case sth (UK) (write or print in lowercase letters) scrivere in minuscolo, stampare in minuscolo vtr.