No Regrets: Peter Jackson Says Goodbye to Middle-Earth Alex SuskindDecember 4, 2014 daily beast He went on to explain that the break-up was finally, in some ways, a relief.Everyone in class breathed a sigh of relief after that horrible midterm exam was over.

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1500/1510 by an unknown north Italian sculptor Robert Gould Shaw Memorial, 1897, Boston, combining free-standing elements with high and low relief A relatively modern high relief (depicting shipbuilding) in Bishopsgate, London.Large architectural compositions all in low relief saw a revival in the 20th century, being popular on buildings in Art Deco and related styles, which borrowed from the ancient low reliefs now available in museums.2019 Examples from the Web for relief Rob Marshall lets a sigh of relief erupt so loud it could be heard by giants in the sky.

10 Very high relief re-emerged in the Renaissance, and was especially used in wall-mounted funerary art and later on Neoclassical pediments and public monuments.This type is found in many cultures, in particular those of the Ancient Near East and Buddhist countries.Others ARE reading, the 11 Worst Words And Phrases Your Boss Can Say.