Soothe, mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 (50 mL /.7.15 By February 2017, the service was available in 51 cities in the US while also adding services to Toronto, Canada.

Watch for any signs of redness, dryness, irritation or swelling.We strongly encourage our clients to use Soothe exclusively for all of their massage needs.Apply a thin layer over entire face and massage gently into skin.

Prices are subject to change without notice and do not reflect variations in actual amounts to be paid, due to region, time of appointment, application of surge pricing, tips, discounts, or other factors.16 In summer 2017, the company launched two locations in Australia by expanding its services to Sydney and Melbourne.However, if your therapist is unable to locate free parking, you may be charged up to of their parking fees once their receipt has been submitted.