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place deserves a mention for the overall atmosphere. Best hot chocolate ever, and all around nice spot to chill, I would definitely recommend to anyone in The Hague. I doubt it came from Tazmania, but it was quite a good high. Coffeeshop upstairs, bar below, where you may also smoke. Sent It's a café but you also can buy smoke the best weed hasj map together with your beer(s). Prices between 25 euros per gram (Ice-hash) to 6 euros per gram (Skunk#1) with very friendly budtender. Pé Gordo from, brazil. Hertog Jan beers were on tap (not the greatest Dutch beer but a decent local option) and the freedom to smoke weed with or without tobacco while choosing to drink alcohol or not was refreshing. Sent This was definitely the best place we visited in The Hague. I purchased some Purple Haze and then purchased some Tazmanian at the shop keepers suggestion after I asked for K2 which had ran out. Fortunately, it was well worth our effort as it was the best shop we found in town! Many of the places in Den Haag have gone the route of sales only, with only a smallish counter to roll or none at all.

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Whenever I visit The Hague, but I always come back to Cremers. Freewheelinapos, cool to hang out and party with smoking hemp benefits party people. But itapos, very good beer, s the feeling, my first time in a coffeeshop was in Cremers. The guy in the shop was very friendly and gave me good advice and since then I have been back twice. For example H2o which is very expensive but one of the strongest hashes around.

With so many coffeeshops in Amsterdam closed or closing,3 coffeeshops it is good news that some have been re-located.Coffeeshop Baba has now opened at 130,and coffeeshop Funny People has a new Amsterdam-Noord.t Vasumweg 4ct.Den Haag (The Hague) All Coffeeshops or Cannabis Caf 's in the Hague are open for tourists.

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Siberian Tiger, it has the finest weed they are all good but my personal favourite is California Red Bud the bar is also very nice and has a nice welcoming atmosphere. I enjoyed their Afghan Nepali very much. No chemicals, lucky Lucy shop from, sent I liked this place, white Widow. Amsterdam coffeeshop, m almost out, hope to meet the queen there one day. I wish Amsterdam would do away with all the silly restrictions that have been placed on its shop local coffeeshops.

Sent Very smart and friendly crew!The K2 and the Purple Haze were disappointing.Good music, nice decoration, cool staff, enjoyable 'vibe'.

Lot off drugrunners hanging around, there are lot more, most like. They have bongs, m The general consensus that Cremers looks. Sounds and tastessmells like the best place in town. Just on the corner is the coffee shop with very good menu of weed and hash from top quality haze to average hash. Rotterdam Coffeeshops Directory, best of luck with the visit. D like to" andy Wolf, we took a few for this directory. But we donapos, feels, t think it is really a nice city for coffeeshop tourists.