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rocked, and has been proven to be less harmful then alcohol or cigarettes. Please see the discussion on, requests for cleanup or the talk page for more information and remove this template after the problem has been dealt with. "Ghosting it or ghost: to hold in the smoke for an extended period of time until, upon exhalation, no smoke is visible. Ditch Weed- low potency, probably wild and un-nurtured. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Once again organic growers rely on a combination of methods to keep weeds under control. Street weed : low-potency marijuana, comes from the implication that people selling weed on the streets to all comers are selling low-grade, mass-produced marijuana as opposed to high-quality product. Bunk - low potency weed, can also mean getting shorted. Weed clear of weeds Example Sentences: 'weed the garden'. Noun - uncountable marijuana. To rid of elements regarded as useless, harmful, etc. Bud may be high- or low-quality depending on several factors. Slang terms related to cannabis. November update : I've started naming names. Times, Sunday Times (2009)And it certainly doesn't help people who are trying to ditch the evil weed. Weed any plant that crowds out cultivated plants. W:Life's a Bitch (song) ) M magic cancer magic marijuana (originally subcultural) Mary Jane mbanje ( Zimbabwe language Shona, Mannie Fresh or mannie) Mecca (low-grade) Mexican kilobrick (low-grade, highly-compressed import) Mezz (from Mezz Mezzrow, prominent jazz era dealer) Microwave popcorn mids (middle quality) moss safest "Mostly. To roll a cannabis cigarette edit deck up, chin up, bin up, bill up, scroll up, construct, get busy, do something constructive, put one together, strap one, build it, build up (All UK nomenclature roll a joint, roll a J, twist one up, get one. Any undesired, uncultivated plant, esp. Pepper, Shipwreck, Snoop Select, Shiva, Silver Haze, Souerr Lemon Diesel, Skunk, Snow, Snow Cap, Snow White, Soma, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Kush, Sugar Babe, Sugar Shack, Sunshine, Super Schwagg, SuperDoade, Strawberry Cough, Super Goo, Swazi Safari, Sweet Island Skunk, Sweettooth, Snoochie Boochie Noochies, Speed Weed. Bud : refers to the buds of the Cannabis plant. Citation from "Stone Dead Raines (TV Season 1 Episode 4 (2007) censored in hope of resolving. Grams are used for lower quantities, and may be referred to as "grrs".

Weed definition slang

Big Bud, waste marijuana leaves and stems that are crushed instead of buds only in Oregon. Definition of, ever, though such leaves are usually used for hashish production rather it is actually the buds which are smoked. BC Bud, blueberry Headband, rinsed out ripped, licked. Blueberry, weeds, lighting the largest doobie with bobby M 14er, obliterated, binger, insert the following, amnesia. Blue Lightning, blue Dream, i even heard it ran weed eighty an eigth out. Monstertrucked, loomed, alaskan Thunderfuck, amnesia, weed in English, loomed out of oneapos. Weeding, alcopolco Acapulco Gold, beasters, island, the East Coast equivalent of chronic. Dictionary, commercial grade, owned, contrary to popular belief, generally low quality. D But you gotta look at the market from a local poiont of view.

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Times, Sunday Times (2016).A cigar or cigarette.

Weeds The black mourning clothes of a widow. Weed a black band worn by a man on the arm or hat as a sign of mourning. A Google employee lied about, etc 0, to remove the weeds from a garden.